WAAK Technologies is a Mexican company that provides solutions in satellite tracking of vehicles and merchandise; we have collaborated with them for a brand redesign.
Being a young company, we’ve focused our work in studying their brands and services situation in their market to differentiate them from their competitors and highlighting all their strengths.
In summer 2017, WAAK decided to venture into a transportation and cargo national expo, so we worked in tandem with them a strategy that included their stand design, printed advertising material and a motion graphics animated video.
We worked in producing products that explain in a clear, concise and aesthetic manner the company’s services through the use of clean layouts and linear elements thorough their printed as well as their online materials.
The event’s results have been positive for WAAK Technologies and throughout our relation we’ve been witness of how the company projects a professional image as good as the quality in their service.

Art Direction: Mauricio Martínez Cosío
Design: Abril González González
Voice-over: Luis Mike Esparza
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